In-House TV Marketing

Why use eXposureTV?

Simply said, to increase your bottom line by maximizing each customer's visit.

If you have HDTVs in your venue now, you are half way there already. 

Still using posters and chalk boards to advertise your specials? Do your employees really tell every customer your deals, upcoming events or all your weekly specials?

Dynamically market your brand, products and services to your visiting customers. Show them why they should stay longer and come back more often.

What if 20 existing customers spent $10 more per day? That's $200 per day and potentially $73,000 per year. What it they spent more than $10?

"Mike and his team have created a product that is great for all of our Bars and Clubs that we own and operate."

Chris Lenahan


eXposureTV, endorsed by the master bartender himself, Scott Young of



A turnkey in-house TV marketing solution that is EASY to deploy.​

Switch from TV, to Full Screen Ads, to TV & Ads with a click of a button.

Use your existing TVs.

How much of a return do the TVs in your venue really give you? 

Did you spend thousands of dollars on all of those TVs? How many commercials are seen in your venue every day? How many of those commercials are yours?

Use eXposureTV and turn your TVs into marketing tools by displaying your own ads. 

​International customers welcome.

We live in a visual world - engage your audience

Scott Young's blog - it's a must read. 

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