In-House TV Marketing

Full Screen layout uses the entire screen to promote your products, services, and events with flare. Because we utilize the entire screen, we can use motion graphics and video as well as still images. This works best if you have several displays in your venue. Choose a few key displays to show eXposureTV. Use this, not only for advertising, but to enhance the look and feel of your venue. 

What you will need. Just about everything you need, you probably already have. That is, an HDTV (1080p preferred), satellite or cable feed with HDMI output, and an internet connection. If you have a HDMI or component video distribution system, you will be able to display the content on multiple TVs and increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

​Installation is simple. The media player connects to your TV, or video distribution system, via an HDMI or Component cable. 

Custom Programming and Design - Our design team will create 7 custom ads, website and social media ads for the combo layout as well as 7 custom full screen ads. We will program the media player to work with your network and video distribution method. Once you receive the kit, all you will have to do is plug it in. 

Updating / Management
We manage eXposureTV for you. Content is updated remotely via the internet. A wireless connection will work, but a hardwired ethernet connection is preferred. We will update
 your ads once per month. We will create up to 2 ads per month, but you may also submit as many ads as you wish once per month. If you need us to design more than 2 new ads per month, graphic design services are available. 

How does eXposureTV work and how much is it?

Switch from TV,to Full Screen Ads, to TV & Ads with a click of a button. It's that easy. When the game is on, you may want to watch full screen TV. When you want to advertise your specials and watch TV, switch to the Combo layout. Maybe you want to use the entire screen to promote your venue or enhance the atmosphere, just click the button again and switch to the full screen layout.

Combo layout shrinks the TV feed (music videos, a football game, etc.) and creates three zones that are used for marketing - including your products, services and events, without losing the TV feed. In the center bottom section, there can be live messages, your website, and your social media sites. This gives you the ability to create and change a message on the fly. Use this to advertise on-the-spot specials, upcoming special events, etc. This is done very simply by logging into a webpage from your office, home, or smart phone and typing in your message. These messages will rotate with ads for your social media sites such as Twitter & Facebook.​