In-House TV Marketing

What if 20 existing customers spent $10 more per day? That's $200 per day and potentially $73,000 per year. 

What’s the value of new or repeat customers?

What would your return be if you were able to bring in 10 more new or repeat customers per day and they each spent $30? 

10 x $30 = $300 per day & potentially $109,500 per year. 

What if they spent more than $30? What if you pulled in more than 10 new or repeat customers.​​​ Due you have events to pull in more customers? If so, let your customers know. 

Added Income

Add it up

​After adding up all of the ways to make money with eXposureTV, it's clear that the ROI can be quite significant and out weighs the cost by a long shot. Now think about the print costs you are also saving by displaying things digitally and how many more times you will be able to update your marketing message.

If you want more, someone has to do more. Let us be the one that gives you the tools to do more or even let us be the someone that does it for you.  

Yes, there is a ROI

What if?

How would you feel if you were able to get 20 customers to stay a bit longer and spend a bit more each time they came into your venue? What would it do for your bottom line?

20 customers spending $20 is $400 per day. Take this by 365 and you are looking at $146,000 per year.

A Faster ROI

Leverage your venue and generate revenue with advertising sales to other non competting businesses.

Your customers also shop for other products and services. Help your local community by promoting local businesses. In return, you could generate enough ad revenue to offset, or even pay for the cost of eXposureTV. Besides, the more money spent locally means a stronger local economy which will also benefit you.

How about your Suppliers/Reps for Liquor, Beer, Energy Drinks etc. Feature them in your ads in exchange for better pricing or free products. How much do you make off of that bottle of rum?