In-House TV Marketing

eXposureTV - includes:

  •  Hardware - media player and cabling

  •  Three layouts - TV - Full Screen - Combo

  •  Your logo

  •  14 custom ads plus social media ads

  •  Three playlists

  •  Software - content management software

  •  Programming - media player programmed to work with your network

  •  Content creation - ads to promote your venue

  •  Cloud service

  •  Installation guide - 4 step installation guide included

  •  Content management and graphic design

  •  Optional onsite installation available

What is eXposureTV?

It is an In-House​ TV Marketing system that makes use of your existing TVs.

Delivering your message

Having the right message is key. Packaging that message in a way that is not only attractive, but also fresh, is just as important. Grab the attention of your customers.

Increase profitability per customer visit by showing your customers the reasons to stay longer and come back more often.

This works for any business with a customer facing TV or Digital Signage display. 

• Nightclub & Bar
• Restaurant
• Corporate lobby
• Dental waiting room
• Hospital or clinic waiting room 
• Tire shop or service station
• Fitness center
• Car dealer

Hook to your video distribution system or a single TV.